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Dry Eye Treatments

Explore the benefits of cutting-edge treatments that offer lasting relief from dry eye symptoms.

At Refined Eye Care & Eyewear Gallery, we understand the discomfort of dry eyes in daily life. That’s why we offer a range of effective treatments designed to alleviate your symptoms and improve your eye comfort. Our tailored approach means you get a treatment plan that’s as unique as your eyes.

We dive deep into your lifestyle and the tiny quirks of your eyes to craft a treatment plan as individual as your eyes. So, whether you’re an avid reader, a screen time warrior, or someone who loves the great outdoors, we’ve got your back (and your eyes)!

Do You Have Dry Eye Syndrome?

Do your eyes often feel dry or irritated? Are you experiencing eye fatigue? Take our quiz to find out if you may be a candidate for dry eye treatments.

About Dry Eye Syndrome

Woman wiping at her eyes.

What is Dry Eye?

Dry eye occurs when the eyes don’t produce enough tears or the right quality of tears to stay properly lubricated, leading to discomfort and sometimes visual disturbances. Common symptoms include a scratchy sensation, redness, light sensitivity, and blurred vision. Chronic dry eye can result from various factors, such as aging, environmental conditions, hormonal changes, or prolonged screen time. It’s essential to address this condition because, apart from causing discomfort, it can also affect the health of the eye’s surface and overall vision quality.

What causes Dry Eye Syndrome?

Several factors can contribute to dry eye syndrome. These include the natural aging, certain medications, medical conditions like diabetes or thyroid disease, and environmental factors such as dry climates, smoke, or air conditioning. Identifying the root cause of your dry eyes is crucial in determining the most effective treatment plan.

Tips for Preventing Dry Eye

You can take proactive steps to lower your risk of developing or worsening dry eye syndrome. Here are some suggestions:

  • Artificial Tears and Lubricating Drops: Over-the-counter artificial tears can provide immediate, temporary relief for dry eyes by adding moisture and lubricating the ocular surface.
  • Warm Compresses and Eyelid Massages: Regular application of warm compresses and gentle eyelid massages can help release oils from the meibomian glands in the eyelids, improving tear quality.
  • Omega-3 Supplements: Dietary supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids can help improve tear composition and reduce dry eye symptoms.
  • Appropriate Environmental Adjustments: Using humidifiers, avoiding direct airflow from heaters or air conditioning, and taking regular breaks from screen time can help alleviate dry eye symptoms.
  • Lifestyle Changes: Staying well-hydrated, wearing protective eyewear in windy or dry conditions, and avoiding smoking can relieve symptoms.

Treatment Options for Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry Eye Syndrome can be a chronic and often irritating condition. Still, various treatment options are available to manage its symptoms and enhance patient comfort. We offer many options for treating dry eye and help you find an at-home care routine that works for you. Learn more about our treatment options below, or set up a consultation with Dr. Raley to determine the severity and underlying causes of your dry eye and the most suitable treatment plan for you.

A Forma-I treatment at Refined Eye Care & Eyewear Gallery.

Forma-I Treatment

InMode Forma-I Radiofrequency (RF) treatment is a game-changer for aesthetics and dry eyes. Using radiofrequency energy, we generate heat gently applied to the skin surrounding your eyes. This innovative approach stimulates collagen production, attracting white blood cells and stem cells to revitalize the eye area while reducing inflammation. Forma-I effectively unclogs the meibomian glands for improved tear production and secretion. We follow up with a meibomian gland expression to complement the Forma-I RF treatment to ensure optimal results.

This groundbreaking nonsurgical procedure harnesses the power of bipolar radiofrequency technology to target even the smallest, most delicate subdermal layers. Safety is our top priority, so our treatment features a small applicator, precise RF depth control, and intelligent temperature monitoring. Rest assured, our approach is secure, drug-free, and designed to provide a comfortable and personalized experience.

How does Forma-I work?

With its compact applicator and precise RF depth control, this treatment is perfect for the small and delicate areas around the eye. You’ll experience a comforting, warm massaging sensation during the procedure as our Forma-I handpiece enhances blood circulation. Ready to experience the benefits of Forma-I RF treatment? Book your appointment online or call (830) 302-3357 to learn more!

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patient receiving the forma-i treatment
A Lumecca-I treatment at Refined Eye Care & Eyewear Gallery.

Lumecca-I Treatment

InMode Lumecca, an advanced intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment, offers a powerful solution for addressing pigmented and vascular lesions. By harnessing the technique of “photothermolysis,” Lumecca-I uses light to generate controlled heat, targeting and effectively eliminating blood vessels. This process helps reduce inflammation and gently warms clogged meibomian glands, promoting improved expression.

Our Lumecca-I treatment effectively manages the inflammatory process, reducing the need for medications. It proves beneficial in treating ocular rosacea, meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), and inflammatory dry eye conditions. Furthermore, studies have shown its ability to minimize demodex and bacteria contributing to inflammation around the meibomian glands. Through precise bursts of light, Lumecca-I also helps close blood vessels, reducing inflammation associated with ocular rosacea.

How Does Lumecca-I work?

During the treatment, you’ll experience a vivid flash of light and a gentle sensation on your skin, similar to a light snap from an elastic band. After the treatment, it’s normal to see some redness and a mild warming sensation, which usually subsides within an hour. Book a consultation online or call us today at (830) 302-3357 to learn more about the revolutionary Lumecca-I.

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TearCare® Heat Therapy

TearCare® Heat Therapy is a state-of-the-art treatment designed for patients suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome, particularly those with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). This innovative system utilizes smart, wearable technology that delivers controlled heat to the eyelids, effectively softening and unblocking the meibomian glands, allowing for the natural expression of oils into the tears.

How Does TearCare Heat Therapy work?

Unlike traditional warm compresses, TearCare® maintains an optimal temperature for meibomian gland treatment while allowing patients to keep their eyes open and blink naturally during the procedure, thus preserving the tear film’s integrity. This in-office procedure is typically followed by manual gland expression conducted by an eye care professional, which further aids in the restoration of the lipid layer of the tear film and improves overall tear quality.

Book an appointment with Dr. Raley online or contact us at (830) 302-3357 to learn more about TearCare® Heat Therapy and how it can relieve Dry Eye Syndrome.

BlephEx® Treatment

The BlephEx® device is a revolutionary tool designed to treat blepharitis. This common condition contributes to dry eye syndrome by causing inflammation of the eyelid margins. This handheld instrument allows eye care professionals to precisely and safely remove the excess bacteria and biofilm that frequently build up along the lash line and eyelids.

How Does BlephEx work?

During the treatment, a medical-grade micro-sponge gently spins along the edge of the eyelids, exfoliating the area and clearing away the debris that can lead to eyelid inflammation and dry eye symptoms. This painless procedure takes only a few minutes per eye and can significantly alleviate discomfort while improving eye health. To maintain optimal ocular hygiene, patients are recommended to undergo BlephEx® treatments periodically, as directed by their eye care specialist. Book your appointment online or call us at (830) 302-3357 to determine if BlephEx® is right for your eye care needs.

Blonde woman squeezing her eyes as a sign of tiredness or pain

Amniotic Membrane Grafts: Prokera® Therapy

Amniotic membrane grafts, such as Prokera®, represent a breakthrough in ocular surface healing. Prokera® is a biologic corneal bandage device that incorporates a piece of medically prepared amniotic membrane to promote healing on the eye’s surface. This graft helps mend damaged eye tissue and reduce inflammation, relieving patients with severe dry eye syndrome, corneal wounds, chemical burns, or other conditions affecting the eye’s surface. The amniotic membrane in Prokera® contains natural therapeutic properties, including essential growth factors, which help facilitate the regeneration of healthier ocular tissue.

How Do Amniotic Membrane Grafts work?

The device is safely placed on the eye, similar to a contact lens, and can be removed by an eye care professional once the healing process is deemed sufficient. Often lauded for its efficiency in reducing scarring and inflammation and promoting faster recovery, Prokera® is an advanced treatment that aids in restoring corneal health and visual clarity. Book an appointment online or contact us at (830) 302-3357 to explore the benefits of Prokera® for your ocular health needs.

Common Questions About Dry Eye Treatments

Lumecca-I is effective in treating ocular conditions such as rosacea, meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), and inflammatory dry eye conditions, as well as reducing certain types of bacteria and Demodex.

During the TearCare® procedure, patients experience a controlled, comfortable warmth on the eyelids. The device allows for natural blinking, making it a more pleasant experience than traditional warm compresses.

The frequency of BlephEx® treatments varies depending on the severity of the blepharitis and the individual’s response to the procedure. Your eye care specialist will recommend an appropriate treatment schedule for you.

Prokera® offers advanced healing properties for the ocular surface, including reduced scarring and inflammation, and promotes faster recovery due to the therapeutic effects of the amniotic membrane.

The duration of the effects can vary by individual and condition. Most treatments offer temporary relief but can have long-term benefits when combined with ongoing care and follow-up treatments.

While these treatments can provide significant relief, many chronic dry eye conditions may require ongoing management based on a tailored treatment plan for your needs.

Side effects are minimal but can include temporary redness, mild discomfort, or irritation. Any lasting side effects should be discussed with your eye care provider immediately.

You can book an appointment for any of our treatments by visiting our website and using our online booking tool or by calling us at (830) 302-3357.

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Discover cutting-edge dry eye treatments like Prokera®, BlephEx®, Lumecca-I, and more with our advanced, non-invasive therapies. Book your appointment with Dr. Raley in New Braunfels today!

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Dr Raley & her staff got my 12 year old “seeing” again & she has never been happier. Being in glasses for most of her life, they shared information with us on their successful program for patients with myopia. The staff worked closely with my daughter on how to comfortably & correctly put in her contacts. They were patient & took the time to explain each step of the process.My daughter can now see clearly while in her classes at school & has expressed her excitement for being able to see the soccer ball clear across the field while she plays her favorite sport. We are so glad we chose Dr Raley & her amazing staff for her vision needs.
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Our entire family has been going to Refined for a couple of years and have nothing but rave reviews for the whole office. All the gals know how to make you feel special - you're not treated as a patient, but as a friend! If you're looking for a great eye doctor and an awesome staff, no need to look any further than Refined!! See you next year
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My 4 year old and I had our eyes examined here and had the best experience!First stop was with Dee, she was amazing and so helpful in scheduling our appointments and made the check in/check out process a breeze.The second stop was with Macy, she did our work up and was extremely thorough and made our pre-testing fun for my little one.Next, we met with Dr. Raley for our exam. She made sure to explain everything and answered all the questions I had. She was so patient and kind with my little one - our little one didn't want the exam to end!Our last stop was with Alyssa. My 4 year old did not need glasses but I did. I had so much fun picking out my glasses with Alyssa. I had a vision in mind and she made it happen! She gave me the best options for my prescription.After leaving the office my little one asked when we could come back to visit - I don't know how many 4 year olds enjoy the doctor that much :]I cannot say enough good things about this office.We will definitely be back. Schedule your exam here, you won't be sorry!
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First time here and the were amazing. Answered all my questions and explained everything clearly. Very friendly atmosphere. Love the glasses I choose as well.
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After Dr. Martino retired from business, I was hoping to find a caring and very professional eye doctor to take care of my needs. Rest assured, I found one. Dr. Audrey Raley and her staff are very thorough and caring for their patients. Highly recommended!! I’ve already talked to our maintenance guy here at the complex and he was impressed and saved Refined Eyecare’s contact information on his phone.


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