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At Refined Eye Care & Eyewear Gallery, we proudly offer InMode Lumecca, the most powerful intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment, to improve the complexion and clarity of your skin. Lumecca operates using photothermolysis, which provides a photo facial by delivering a comfortable light treatment. It is ideal for treating a variety of skin types and conditions resulting from the sun, including age spots, vascular lesions, and rosacea, and is an effective treatment for dry eyes.

Uncover the radiant skin you’ve always wanted and unveil your most luminous skin with Lumecca. Book your consultation and let your natural beauty emerge!

Lumecca for Face & Skin Rejuvenation

At Refined Eye Care & Eyewear Gallery, we recognize that each individual’s skin is unique, so we offer personalized Lumecca treatments tailored to address your specific concerns. Lumecca’s cutting-edge intense pulsed light (IPL) technology targets various skin imperfections on the face, including discoloration, freckles, sun damage, and visible veins, leaving your skin noticeably clearer and more radiant.

Lumecca excels in enhancing skin tone and texture and stimulates collagen production, contributing to a firmer and smoother skin appearance over time. Our clients often report a more even complexion and a natural luminosity that restores their skin’s youthful vitality.

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How Does Lumecca work?

The Lumecca device emits powerful flashes of light absorbed by the skin’s pigmentation and vascular lesions. The absorbed light then gets converted into heat, which destroys the abnormal vessels or pigmentation, leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed.

This process clears unwanted blemishes and stimulates the skin’s natural collagen production, resulting in rejuvenated, vibrant, and youthful-looking skin. The treatment is uniquely calibrated to target different concerns, ensuring maximum efficacy while keeping the comfort of our patients in mind. The precision and efficiency of Lumecca make it a superior choice for those seeking to enhance their skin’s natural beauty without the downtime associated with more invasive procedures.

Embrace the transformative benefits of Lumecca and let your face glow with a renewed sense of confidence. To embark on your journey to flawless skin, contact us to book a bespoke Lumecca skin treatment that is as individual as you are.

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Lumecca-I for Dry Eye Relief

InMode Lumecca, an advanced intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment, offers a powerful solution for addressing pigmented and vascular lesions. By harnessing the technique of “photothermolysis,” Lumecca-I uses light to generate controlled heat, targeting and effectively eliminating blood vessels. This process helps reduce inflammation and gently warms clogged meibomian glands, promoting improved expression.

Our Lumecca-I treatment effectively manages the inflammatory process, reducing the need for medications. It proves beneficial in treating ocular rosacea, meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), and inflammatory dry eye conditions. Furthermore, studies have shown its ability to minimize demodex and bacteria contributing to inflammation around the meibomian glands. Through precise bursts of light, Lumecca-I also helps close blood vessels, reducing inflammation associated with ocular rosacea.

Do You Have Dry Eye Syndrome?

Do your eyes often feel dry or irritated? Are you experiencing eye fatigue? Take our quiz to find out if you may be a candidate for dry eye treatments.

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How Does Lumecca-I Work?

During the treatment, you’ll experience a vivid flash of light and a gentle sensation on your skin, similar to a light snap from an elastic band. After the treatment, it’s normal to see some redness and a mild warming sensation, which usually subsides within an hour.

Book a consultation online or call us today at (830) 302-3357 to learn more about the revolutionary Lumecca-I.

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Aftercare for Lumecca Treatments

After enjoying the benefits of your Lumecca treatment, proper aftercare is essential to maximize the results and ensure comfortable healing. For personalized advice and a regimen tailored to your skin’s needs, Dr. Raley will provide an in-depth aftercare plan so you can continue enjoying your Lumecca treatment’s illuminating effects. 

OPTASE® Moist Heat Mask

Immediately after your treatment, we recommend using the OPTASE Moist Heat Mask. The gentle warmth from the mask helps to enhance circulation in the treated areas, promoting healing and comfort while reducing redness and inflammation and providing effective symptom relief from Dry Eye, Blepharitis, MGD, Chalazion, and Styes. This heated eye mask loosens the protective oils produced in the eyelids, which are important to ensure healthy tear production. It can also be a cooling eye mask to help with migraine symptoms, allergies, puffy eyes, and contact lens irritation.

OPTASE® Dry Eye Intense Drops

To keep your skin hydrated and assist in the healing process, we will provide you with Optase drops. These soothing drops offer relief from irritation and help maintain optimal skin moisture levels, which is crucial after an IPL treatment. OPTASE® Dry Eye Intense Drops are preservative-free and provide the protection and hydration your eyes require to reduce symptoms of Dry Eye. The special formulation of OPTASE® Intense provides comfort from moderate to severe dry eye, including dry eye postoperatively.

OPTASE® Tea Tree Oil Eyelid Gel

Lastly, our tea tree oil drops are a natural antiseptic to prevent potential infections post-treatment. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help calm the skin and reduce lingering redness. The gentle and preservative-free formula effectively cleanses eyelids and eyelashes to help promote healthy-looking eyelids. It can be used as part of your daily skincare routine to wash away impurities, oil, makeup, and scruff from the eyelashes, eyelids, and skin around the eye.

Common Questions About Lumecca

Lumecca is an intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy that treats pigmented and vascular lesions to improve the complexion and clarity of your skin. Using photo thermolysis provides effective photo facials with more efficiency and fewer sessions than traditional IPL treatments.

Ideal candidates for Lumecca treatments are those looking to address issues like age spots, sun damage, vascular lesions, rosacea, or generally desiring a brighter complexion. It’s suitable for a diverse range of skin types and tones.

Most patients see significant improvements in their skin after just one session of Lumecca. However, the best results are typically achieved after 1-3 sessions, depending on your skin’s condition and treatment goals.

Lumecca is a non-invasive procedure with little to no downtime. Patients may experience some redness or slight warming of the skin, which usually subsides within an hour post-treatment.

Some patients may notice changes in their skin right away. However, the full benefits of Lumecca treatments are usually visible after 1-2 weeks, with improvements continuing for several months as the skin naturally responds to light therapy.

Most patients report little to no discomfort during the Lumecca treatment. You may feel a slight snapping sensation like a rubber band, but the procedure is typically tolerated well.

To achieve the best results, follow all pre and post-treatment guidelines Dr. Raley and our team provided. This includes sun protection, avoiding certain medications before treatment, and applying recommended aftercare products.

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Jason WinterJason Winter
18:43 19 Jun 24
We support local businesses, so when we were looking for an optometrist, we found Refined Eye Care & Eyewear Gallery right down the road. My wife and I scheduled back-to-back appointments. The appointment scheduling was easy, the front desk staff were courteous and professional, the office was immaculately clean, the technology was state of the art, the optometrist assistant was very polite and proficient, and Doctor Raley was extremely thorough and ensured that she answered all the questions we had. They also have a great selection of frames, so it is a one-stop shop. I will be returning next year.
Bridget DrumBridget Drum
18:16 19 Jun 24
Dr. Was very thorough. Answered questions and concerns. One of the best exams I e had in a while. I highly recommend.
18:48 12 Jun 24
Where do I start….High quality customer service starts before you even walk through the door, it’s started over the phone before my initial visit! The office staff is so kind, friendly, and knowledgeable. I’m so GREATFUL to have found Dr. Raley! I’ve been suffering from extreme dry eyes for over 15 years. I’ve tried a multitude of treatments from other doctors ranging from prescription eye drops , autologous serum drops (eye drops that are made from your own plasma ), OTC drops, punctal plugs, etc. Dr. Raley is the FIRST provider that advocated on my behalf, that has actually taken the time to try and help me figure out the ROOT cause, instead of masking the symptoms! I’m so appreciative of her and the entire staff at Refined Eye Care. I was greeted with a friendly face and acknowledgment from the minute I walked through the door until the minute I left.
19:16 24 May 24
I experienced extraordinary health care from Dr. Raley and every single staff member I have come in contact with. I have a unique eye condition, but she has been patient with me through it all. Dr. Raley and her staff also make the whole insurance experience pleasant. A very sincere thanks.
Rudy LopezRudy Lopez
21:01 03 May 24
I had another great experience at Refined Eye Care & Eyewear Gallery! Normal wear and tear caused a tiny screw to work loose on my favorite pair of sunglasses. Alyse was kind enough to replace it and get me back in business at NO charge! Dr. Raley and her entire staff demonstrate extraordinary customer service. If you are looking for an outstanding Optometrist in New Braunfels, look no further. This office rocks!
Anith PillaiAnith Pillai
22:08 17 Apr 24
Absolutely love this place, highly recommend if you want a great eye exam and absolutely perfect glasses!
jonathan gehrkejonathan gehrke
20:23 15 Apr 24
Amazing staff, helpful quick and very knowledgeable in every aspect.
Mary BorchardtMary Borchardt
16:23 06 Nov 23
"Because we can't give them 10 Stars........"Mary and I moved to Tx recently and have tried different Optometrists for our annual eye exams.Today I give Refined Eye Care a 5 star review (only because I can't give them 10 stars).The location on HWY 46 is very convenient.The office is beautiful, clean and smartly attended to.My wife LOVED the complementary coffee / refreshment bar.We were greeted with smiles by Dee and Sharon at the front desk and in a few short minutes we felt like we were visiting with old friends. Typical, uncomfortable waiting room silence, was replaced with conversation and laughter.Macy, a 2x National Cheer Champion in college, enthusiastically did our exam with detailed explanations, in depth information and the answers to any / all questions we had.Alyssa was a joy to work with in discussing / choosing eyewear.She asked great questions, discovered our needs, did not oversell, handled all our insurance questions and paperwork and allowed us to walk out of our appointment feeling GREAT about the eyeglass / sunglass decisions we made.Dr Audrey was GREAT! Personable, friendly, warm, fun and VERY knowledgeable (Magna Cum Laude in both her undergrad and grad school education). We had questions about contacts, cataracts, Lasix, progressive lens, indoor/outdoor/daytime/ nighttime, occasional blurred vision I experience, macro degeneration, IPL treatment to restore eye moisture etc... .She was very patient in discussing our questions and extremely knowledgeable in providing explanations and answers.Did I mention she was SOOOOOOOOOO nice!We felt very comfortable and greatly appreciated her insight and guidance as we navigated decisions we needed to make.This clinic, Dr and staff deserve a 10 Star recommendation.If you are new to NBTX and/or are looking for an OD, look no further than Refined Eye Care, Mary and I highly recommend them.Paul Borchardt
Melissa MitchellMelissa Mitchell
02:08 13 Oct 23
Dr Raley & her staff got my 12 year old “seeing” again & she has never been happier. Being in glasses for most of her life, they shared information with us on their successful program for patients with myopia. The staff worked closely with my daughter on how to comfortably & correctly put in her contacts. They were patient & took the time to explain each step of the process.My daughter can now see clearly while in her classes at school & has expressed her excitement for being able to see the soccer ball clear across the field while she plays her favorite sport. We are so glad we chose Dr Raley & her amazing staff for her vision needs.
Dee Dee JohnstonDee Dee Johnston
00:52 13 Oct 23
Our entire family has been going to Refined for a couple of years and have nothing but rave reviews for the whole office. All the gals know how to make you feel special - you're not treated as a patient, but as a friend! If you're looking for a great eye doctor and an awesome staff, no need to look any further than Refined!! See you next year
Christen PovolishChristen Povolish
17:21 10 Oct 23
Dr. Audrey Raley and her staff were phenomenal! They were helpful and so kind.
Clarissa TovarClarissa Tovar
04:21 16 Sep 23
My 4 year old and I had our eyes examined here and had the best experience!First stop was with Dee, she was amazing and so helpful in scheduling our appointments and made the check in/check out process a breeze.The second stop was with Macy, she did our work up and was extremely thorough and made our pre-testing fun for my little one.Next, we met with Dr. Raley for our exam. She made sure to explain everything and answered all the questions I had. She was so patient and kind with my little one - our little one didn't want the exam to end!Our last stop was with Alyssa. My 4 year old did not need glasses but I did. I had so much fun picking out my glasses with Alyssa. I had a vision in mind and she made it happen! She gave me the best options for my prescription.After leaving the office my little one asked when we could come back to visit - I don't know how many 4 year olds enjoy the doctor that much :]I cannot say enough good things about this office.We will definitely be back. Schedule your exam here, you won't be sorry!
R T (rhontre)R T (rhontre)
15:14 06 Sep 23
First time here and the were amazing. Answered all my questions and explained everything clearly. Very friendly atmosphere. Love the glasses I choose as well.
Tino CastillejaTino Castilleja
17:45 14 Aug 23
After Dr. Martino retired from business, I was hoping to find a caring and very professional eye doctor to take care of my needs. Rest assured, I found one. Dr. Audrey Raley and her staff are very thorough and caring for their patients. Highly recommended!! I’ve already talked to our maintenance guy here at the complex and he was impressed and saved Refined Eyecare’s contact information on his phone.


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